Top 10 Quizzes - Japan 1998


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The man in car #8 is racing towards the title having won the last race and Japan is up next. There's been a lot of water under the bridge since 1998 so Suzuka is no longer the conclusion, but Hakkinen's first title is worth remembering.

1. Hakkinen finished on exactly 100 points in the 1998 season. How many total points did he achieve in the 4 seasons prior to that.

[bg=#FF4444](a) 61[/bg] [bg=#FF6600](b) 81[/bg] [bg=#FFFF00](c) 101[/bg] [bg=#00FF00](d) 121[/bg] [bg=#0066FF](e) 141[/bg]

26 in 1994, 17 in 1995, 31 in 1996 and 27 in 1997 makes a total of [bg=#FFFF00]101[/bg] in the 4 seasons before 1998!

2. Eddie Irvine secured 20 points at the Japanese GP in his career. He also secured 20 in Australia. Which is the only circuit that he scored more than 20 points at?

Monaco (21)

3. David Coulthard only won one GP in 1998, but how many second places did he secure?

6 in Australia, Brazil, Spain, Austria, Germany and Hungary. The first 5 were behind Hakkinen, the latter behind Schumacher.

4. Damon Hill started Brabham's last ever race at the 1993 Hungarian Grand Prix. He started 25th from a field of 31. What was the similarity between the 6 cars behind him.

They were all Italian cars. The Scuderia Italia/Dallaras, Minardis and (of course) Andrea Modas were the non-qualifiers except for Martini's SI/D which qualified 26th.

5. In Heinz-Harald Frentzen's penultimate race in 2003 for Sauber at Indy, he scored his last podium. Where had he qualified?

[bg=#FF4444](a) 5[/bg] [bg=#FF6600](b) 7[/bg] [bg=#FFFF00](c) 9[/bg] [bg=#00FF00](d) 11[/bg] [bg=#0066FF](e) 13[/bg] [bg=#FF00FF](f) 15[/bg]

He qualified [bg=#FF00FF]15th[/bg]

6. Jacques Villeneuve won 4 races in his debut season. Name the races or venues for a quarter of a point each.

1. Europe/Nurburgring, 2. Britain/Silverstone, 3. Hungary/Hungaroring, 4. Portugal/Estoril

7. Jean Alesi made his debut at home in 1989. At which circuit?

Paul Ricard

8. Name the two years of his career where Giancarlo Fisichella failed to score a point.

1996 for Minardi and 2008 for the Force

9. Alex Wurz raced once for McLaren. Who was the last driver to drive only one race for McLaren. [NB: Because PdlR raced for them in 2006 - its not him!]

Jan Magnussen who replaced Mika Hakkinen for the 1995 Pacific GP

10. Johnny Herbert raced for Team Lotus in their 1994 swansong. How many drivers drove for Lotus in their last season?

6 (Lamy, Herbert, Zanardi, Adams, Bernard & Salo)

So, the quiz has killed Brabham and Lotus, shamed Eddie Irvine and Giancarlo Fisichella but launched Jean Alesi. Good day's work?

Nice to have a Top 10 quiz of that era without another Schumi question!

Nice work bringing the quizzes into the decimal age. Working out the fractions was harder than the actual quizzes!
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