Tony Fernandes

Fernandes came into F1 as an unknown Quantity but everyone knows who he is now.

Fernandes came into F1 with the intention on bringing the Lotus name back to this much loved sport.

Fernandes has had struggles with regards for the rights over the Lotus name and was taken to an FIA court over the name when Renault bought the rights to have the Lotus name. Lotus Renualt won the row and Group Lotus were forced into changing their name. Now the team goes under the name of Caterham.

Fernandes and his team are now considered to be many peoples second favourite team on the grid.

Since entering the sport Fernandes has spread his wings and has entered into the world of Football having bought London Club Fernandes.

Will Fernandes's success in F1 produce more F1 drivers from his native Malaysia?
Success in F1??? I like Tony's enthusiasm but his team have grossly underperformed in relation to their own targets.

I think there are already an increasing number of Malaysian drivers, as there are from other countries who have embraced F1 relatively recently; whether Fernandes has much to do with it I couldn't say.
Hmmm Caterham and Fernandes is far from my second favourite team.Quite frankly I find them something of embarresment.
We are constantly promised by Gascoyne of yet another one second improvement from their latest upgrade which so far has never materialised.
This season they are running the same transmission and engine as Red Bull complete with KERS and are using Williams wind tunell.
They are still on zero points this season and have not shown any potential of improving on that number.
Yes Fernandes is working to promote Malaysian drivers so far without any noticable success.
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