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Below are some photographs taken of the wall lamps and an ice bucket from inside the home of one contributor to CTA (not really their cribbed out of another website. I'm not some pyscho stalker!). So, who lives in a house like this?


p.s. should anyone actually want to buy one of these items go here
The last one is an official Camel Team Lotus Ice Bucket and I presume it is supposed to look like a crash helmet...
Oh, I don't know, the renault logo, elf - traditional renault sponsors, ice cool in a helmet - is this El_Nando's cryptic tribute to Alonso?
A packet of chocolate Hobnobs to TBY for spotting the home of our Lotus loving friend C_a_T. BTW, did any of you look at the price of these things? Gulp!
Yeah, I know, I'm not being bullied, you're just showing me more attention than other people.

Classic Team Lotus does a great job running those historic cars. The kit is a bit pricey but the JPS Polo shirts are really smart.

Any way, I'm off to listen to my copy of Team Lotus sings while thumbing through my scrap book of works Lotus drivers autographs and watching "The Lotus story" on DVD. Later on I may take my Lotus Elan SE for a spin before coming home, going upstairs (past a signed picture of Mario Andretti and a collection of framed ciggerette cards of Lotus cars), going to bed by slipping under my Gold Leaf Duvet. (Ok so that last one was a joke) (Honestly)

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