The worst kept secret in F1?


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There's a pretty good article on about Alonso, Ferrari, Marlboro and Santander.
It all but confirms that Alonso will be driving for Ferrari in 2010 and an announcement will be made mid-September at the Italian Grand Prix.

It also mentions how Ferrari obviously don't value their investment in Kimi by allowing him to particpate in the WRC.

So I guess it will be Alonso and Massa at Ferrari next year with Kimi disappearing from F1 for good?
I wonder who Renault will be after to partner (presumably) Grosjean?

I expect they'll want someone with experience rather than another rookie.
Unless of course Renault aren't planning to stick around for much longer...

The full article is here: Santander, Alonso and Ferrari
i look forward to that. think it will prove to be very entertaining and might even lead to some good racing. i just hope its not again 5 or 6 championships in a row. cos nando at ferrari sound like a real strong teaming to me.
Exactly as predicted in Boga's 2010 driver line up thread. You can see Santander pulling the strings on this one, "Yes of course we will give you millions of Euro's but you better put that Spanish bloke in the car". Let's see if Kimi moves to Renault for a bumper pay day.

Perhaps for another thread but how many of the drivers on the grid are there on merit or get the drive for political/sponsorship reasons.
Brogan said:
I wonder who Renault will be after to partner (presumably) Grosjean?

I expect they'll want someone with experience rather than another rookie.
Unless of course Renault aren't planning to stick around for much longer...

I think it could be Bourdais being French he has good chance and Renault are looking for French driver.

To be honest Heidfeld will be really good option- smooth as silk!!
It was suggested during some point of the pundit chat at the last GP that Rubens would be an option for Renault. As signings go I think it's as likely as them signing me however I thought it interesting that someone would suggest it.

It would be a good seat for Heidfeld however I think it more likely that they would be after Kubica.

As for Alonso at Ferrari the question is how will he cope alongside Massa? We already know that Alonso is not too keen on having team mates that are as quick as he is. How on the pace will Massa be? It's often the case that no matter how a driver feels mentally he may not be as quick as he was before a big accident. In the face of a resurgent Alonso it may be enough for Massa to chuck the towel in. If on the other hand Massa comes back and he's still sharp then the first person Alonso has to beat will be his team mate. Ferrari and team orders, Hah don't go there. So it's going to be interesting times at Marinello when the driver I like to think of as "the incredible sulk" joins.

The final question is of course "Where will Kimi go?". To my mind I don't believe it will be Renault. He has had two of the best seats in F1 at Mclaren and Ferrari. He's been a world champion and really dosn't have anything left to prove. There has been speculation for some time now about Kimi's motivation it can't all be wrong. In this day and age a team letting there driver do something other than the odd corperate appearence is almost unheard of. Just look at Lewis and the Triathlon, so for Ferrari to allow Kimi to do the WRC (as has been said above) shows that they really aren't bothered about what he does. I think it will be DTM and WRC for Kimi from next year.
I am wondering about how Massa will feel about this, will he want to stay at Ferrari as a No 2 driver? He was solidly there with Schumacher, placed there with Kimi, but must have thought he was breaking into equal roles or No 1 position.

Alonso has shown he will only go where he can be No 1, if Massa can get back to the track this season, and get some points, wouldn't be surprised if he was open to make a move, he might be just what Flavio is looking for - Flavio certainly seems to have a good reputation with No1 drivers, but I can't see any of his No2 drivers looking for a retrun to the team.

It may be that we end up with Alonso and Kubica at Ferrari and Massa and Bourdais at Renault. Then again...
I actually can't see Massa and Ferrari having a problem, they really do love each other, don't they? I reckon Massa'd just want to prove the public wrong... He's not done bad for a temp hired in 2006, eh? He was no.2 to Raikkonen, till he beat him in 2008 and the first 9 races of 2009!

I reckon this move for Alonso is not going to be as gold encrusted as he thinks. If Massa starts beating Alonso, well, he's the supposed no.2 but he's loved by the team. Alonso sees the "Felipe baby" attitude at Ferrari as favouritism and hey presto, its 2007!
I agree with the posts about Kimi. He's most likely gonna be gone from F1 next year. Allowed to drive in WRC, an' all that... :no:

Alonso & Massa for Ferrari, Grosjean & Bordais* for Renault... you heard it hear first! :yes:

*Renault need experience- well Bordais has driven in F1 AND indycar! How much more experience do you want!
i think renault will not be around next year. briatore racing might. grosjean and heidfeld driving, maybe rosberg. massa and alonso at ferrari? no problem. plus i think this year is the last season for rubens. and that might tell where kimi might go.
The only reason Alonso wants to go to Ferrari is due to the favouritism he knows Ferrari gives to their best driver. The problem he has is Massa, that's assuming Massa can get back and be just as quick or even faster. It happened to Mika, so I can't see it being a problem as long as he really wants to come back.

As for Kimi, doubt he'll be rallying after his fairly dismal performance annd crashing out..
Didn't Flav say he was going to retire? After a quick search on the web I found some article from 2008 where he said he had another 2 years before retirement. Although I read an interview in mid-90's with Ron Dennis where he said he had "5 more agressive years" and he only packed it in this year so perhaps take this with a pinch of salt.

Perhaps Boga is right, the lure of having his name on a car may be more than his ego could resist. What chance with a customer Renault engine? Now the engine specs are fixed could Renault make money out of being an engine manufacturer only?
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