The 'who', 'where' and 'when' quiz


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Events from 10 past GPs are described below, simply answer the 'who', the 'where' and the 'when' please :) 1 point for each = a total of 24 points available. Good luck :)

1. I came in for my pit stop, and as I approached my team I locked up causing me to miss my box. I reversed back but as reversing in the pits is forbidden I was black flagged. The black flag was ignored and challenging for the lead I crashed into the leader and took us both out of the race.
Nigel Mansell, Portugese GP, 1989
2. Sitting on Pole, I stalled the engine. Fortunately the straight is on a downhill slope and I was able to bump-start the car. I battled back from 14th to win the race.
Ayrton Senna, Japanese GP, 1988
3. It was raining heavily, and the corner was like a river. The car aquaplaned off the road, knocking down a telegraph pole and a woodcutter's hut. I was freed from my car by a friend using a spanner he'd borrowed from a spectator.
Jackie Stewart, Belgian GP, 1966
4. I qualified on Pole for the first time, and went on to win my first race, despite being hauled back by the safety car no less than 4 times.
Lewis Hamilton, Canadian GP, 2007
5. My teammate and I bet each other we could take the corner flat-out, without lifting. My attempt ended with me destroying my car, although I later described it as my best crash ever. A few laps later my teammate's attempt ended in the same way. The corner won.
Jacques Villeneuve, Belgian GP, 1999
6. At turn 3, I ran into the back of 2 cars causing my car to launch into the air and barrel-roll several times. I was able to run back to the pits and restart the red-flagged race in the spare car.
Martin Brundle, Australian GP, 1996
7. Leading he race comfortably, I suffered a slow puncture to my right rear tyre. I choose to continue with only a handful of laps remaining rather than pit for a new tyre. However after a few laps the tyre began slowly disintegrating and I was overtaken, eventually being classified 9th finishing 2 laps down. After my team protested, I was classified 5th.
Nikki Lauda, British GP, 1974
8. Running away with the race, I pitted on lap 71 with a suspected puncture (which was later discovered to be a loose wheel nut). I came out of the pits on new tyres in 2nd place, and having caught the leader with 3 laps to go did everything I could to pass but unfortunately had to settle for 2nd place.
Nigel Mansell, Monaco GP, 1992
14 - didn't get a single year as they all blend into one after a while... :(
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