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A few questions on the money behind the power.

1. Who is generally regarded as the first commercial sponsor in F1?

Gold Leaf (Imperial Tobacco) with Team Lotus in 1968

2. Which sponsor moved from Tyrrell to Toleman in 1983?

Candy (washing machine and dish washer makers in case you didn’t know)

3. 6 teams have been owned by their title sponsors (excluding car manufacturers) can you name them? (1/6th of a point for each)

BAR (part of British American Tobacco), Benetton, Leyton House, Midland, Red Bull & Torro Rosso

4. Ligier was sponsored for many years by Gitanes. Which other brand of French cigarettes replaced Gitanes as primary sponsor?


5. Which team was sponsored by a ceramic tile manufacturer?

Arrows by Ceramiche Ragno

6. Hesketh famously eschewed sponsors when his Lordship was in charge but in the post Hunt & Lord Hesketh era the cars his team had produced were covered in gaudy decals. Who were the sponsors in 1977?

Penthouse & Rizla

7. In BAR’s first season the cars were painted on one side with Lucky Strike logos and on the other with 555, why?

BAR wanted to enter cars in different liveries, one Lucky Strike the other 555, but weren’t allowed by the FIA.

8. Which team was sponsored by a TV channel in the mid 90’s?

Simtek by MTV

9. Which company went from sponsor to engine supplier?

TAG – Sponsors of Williams and engine supplier to McLaren (the engine was made by Porsche but was listed as a TAG engine)

10. Jackie Stewart was and is sponsored by Rolex. What is special about his shirts because of this?

The cuff on his left sleeve is larger to expose his watch.
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