The return of the Renault Works team.


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Is this who you're thinking of ramilas1



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I was thinking about this the other day. Renault have a very close relationship with DAMS across other single seater formulas so why not use them as the base team in F1? Renault provided the engine and capital whilst DAMS provided the experience of running a racing team. They've been succesful in everything else they've raced in.


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I thought DAMS did consider F1 a few times but never really went through with it though

Issue again which seems to hurt French teams is that it is like a national team effort and will come with very serious pressure like the one that eventually bought down Prost

I was thinking if Renault making a full return would Grosjean and Vergne be the two drivers they want ?

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DAMS are former team rivals for my father and I. If DAMS ever did make it to F1, they could replace Ferrari as my 'supervillain'.

I think Vergne and Grosjean would be decent choices for drivers for a new Renault team. I wonder though, if they do buy Toro Rosso - which the chatter about a change to Renault blue may be the first step of - would they rather keep the current Toro Rosso boys on?


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Dash Racing ..... That's right Dash, the white paint was stripped to make their cars the legal weight of 750kg's. They repainted them with a thin coat of aluminium paint. That was back in 1934 when along with Auto Union they created the Silver Arrows. Today, although I've never see a German race car painted white, the German racing colour is considered Silver or White.
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teabagyokel ..... I did wonder about DTM and I wasn't sure about touring cars either. My posting was referring to single seaters and F1 in particular though. I'm thinking BMW raced in white before they withdrew????
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