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Everyone's favourite aggressive sports marketing brand have been feeling pretty low after a prolonged bout of suicide in Turkey, so lets cheer them up by giving them their own quiz!

1. As of the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix, Red Bull have won 9 Formula One races, which puts them in a group of 6 teams. A fifth of a point each for the others!

Matra - all Jackie Stewart

2. Six of Red Bull's victories have been one-twos. For a third of a point each name the drivers who finished second to a Red Bull but not in a Red Bull.

Alonso in Spain 2010
Kubica in Brazil 2009
Trulli in Japan 2009

3. Red Bull now own the A1-Ring in Austria. Of their drivers, David Coulthard won the race in 2001. What was Mark Webber's best result at A1?

7th for Jag in 2003

4. Red Bull or Toro Rosso finished 7th in the WCC for every year from 2005-08 (succeeding Jag who were 7th 2003-05). Who succeeded the bulls to finish 7th in 2009?


5. In Jaguar's last race in Brazil in 2004, they fielded two future Red Bull drivers. Who finished the race a lap down in 14th?

Christian Klien, with Webber retiring on lap 23

6. Vitantonio Liuzzi scored a point for Red Bull for finishing 8th. In what position did he cross the finishing line?

11th in the 2005 San Marino GP. The BARs were DQs from 3rd [JB] and 5th [Sato], and 10th8th place man Schumacher recieved a 25 second penalty for dangerous driving. And yes, it was Ralf!

7. Which Red Bull driver 'finished' last in the 2005 USGP?

David Coulthard qualified only in front of the Jordans and Minardis and hence completed the parade lap in the slowest time!

8. When Sebastian Vettel won the 2008 Italian GP for Toro Rosso, where did Mark Webber finish in the foremost Red Bull?

8th... Oops!

9. How many points did Sebastien Bourdais score for Toro Rosso?

6, not as bad as you'd expect...

10. Where did the Red Bull sponsored Red Bull lookalike finish in 1995's WCC?

Of course it was 7th!

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2 4/15ths for me. A testing quiz both from a motor racing and mathematical perspective LOL
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