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Coming down the hill to the absurdly fast chicane of Eau Rouge then trying to brake in time for La Source?
The run down from the start line into Parabolica?
A sharp braking zone in the tunnel to get set for Portier?
Exiting the Hangar Straight onto the Becketts/Maggots complex?
Leaving the long straight at Shanghai for the anti-camber banked corner?

This is a thread to fantasise about the corners that might have been, or would never have been. What if circuits went the other way? What looks the most improved corner, the most devalued corner or the most plain dangerous corner?

Although it could never happen because of marshals posts and the like, wouldn't it be interesting?!
The obvious change would be Barcelona, the lap ends with a high speed sweeping chicane, down the straight and into a tight uphill braking zone and chicane.

Could be amazing, could also be crazy!
I had a racing game (I can't remember which one it may have been GT Racer.) that allowed me to go the wrong way around Spa, when I tried to take Eau Rouge flat out I did about 6 somersaults and ended up upside down in the second pit area....
Hm, Gran Turismo 4 (so I assume GT5 although I haven't got that) allows you to do its real tracks on reverse as do the old WTCC games. I'll have to crank up me old PS2 and remind meself what they're like. Eau Rouge has got to be a good 'un though!
GT5 will on some courses. The real life tracks though I don't think have that option. Could still drive them backwards though and I do have Spa on there. I might give it a go later and grab some footage of Eau Rouge in reverse. Imagine the full N'ring backwards. That would be a challenge.
Coming down the hill at Beau Rivage into Sainte Devote would be pretty scary as it would turn into a heavy braking downhill turn in,were you could end up with even more crashes.
I'm not sure if the example of China would be too much different than the current turn 1, albeit a bit faster on entry.

I've tried the Parabolica on Geoff Crammonds old GP series of sims was tricky but due to dodgy hardware I never found a good way to brake round corners, I never got to grips with turn 14 at Sepang for that reason.
The one I mentioned in the original post that intrigues me is the run off the Hangar Straight into Becketts.

Think Luffield could be even worse off the end of a fast section like that...
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