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A few questions on the famous Blue cars.

1. Guy Ligier was quite succesful in another sport before getting involved in F1. What sport was it?

Rugby – he played for the French National team

2. Ligier cars are all prefixed with the letters JS. What does JS stand for?

Jo Schlesser - Schlesser was a great friend of Ligier and died in the 1968 French Grand Prix

3. Ligier raced Cooper & Brabham cars himself in F1, how many points did he score?

1 - 6th at the 1967 German Grand Prix in a Brabham BT21

4. Jacques Laffite is probably Ligier's most famous driver, having two spells with the team. How many races did he enter for other teams (½ a point for +- 5)?

47 – in two spells with Frank Williams

5. Who was the first non-French driver in a Ligier car?

Eddie Cheever 1982

6. Ligier have only once run an entire season without a French driver. Name the year and the drivers ( 1/3 of a point for each).

1993, Martin Brundle and Mark Blundell

7. Ligier's last Grand Prix win was at Monaco in 1996 with Olivier Panis. What position did he start on the grid?


8. Patrick Depailler failed to finish the 1979 season for Ligier due to injury. How did he hurt himself?

In a hang gliding accident

9. Ligier's last race was in Japan in 1996. Name the 4 Ligier drivers (former and current) who lined up on the grid (¼ point for each)

Martin Brundle, Jonny Herbert, Olivier Panis & Pedro Diniz

10. ...and finally, where do Forbes rate former Ligier driver Pedro Diniz's father in the world rich list (½ point for +- 10)?

605 – estimated to be worth $2 Billion

Maybe not as tough as a TBY quiz but I hope you enjoy.
Bonus question:

Apart from driving for Ligier and being French, Jacques Laffite and Jean-Pierre Jabouille have something else in common, do you know what it is?

They are (were?) brothers in law

You may have an extra point if you get this but need to calculate your score out of 10 (divide by 11 and multiply by 10 CaT :snigger: )
I'm embarassed to say that I only scored a measly 0.25 this time.

The French team certainly isn't my strong point.

I know Alain Prost took over the team and renamed it in his own honour but did he ever race for them?
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FB said:
You may have an extra point if you get this but need to calculate your score out of 10 (divide by 11 and multiply by 10 CaT :snigger: )

Now that's what I call a gentleman.
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