The Legend that is Murray Walker

Aye, his acceptance speech should be funny...

"Its great to be the first, second, third and fourth man on the Birmingham Walk of Fame"!

James Allen just doesn't cut it with me!
"There's nothing wrong with the car except its on fire"

One of those things that could be completely true but still sounds wrong somehow!
I found some F1 race reports from the mid 80's on youtube recently with a commentry by Clive James. I have to say I wouldn't be upset if the BBC employed him on their team. Some of the things he said had me in stiches.

Descibing a spin (I think it was by Alan Jones) with the words "and Jones decided he didn't llke the view from where he was so had a look to see if it was any better the other way. When it wasn't he parked the car and got out"

Obviously these comments were added post race but they were very funny.

Worth a look any way.
wow missed your post C_A_T theres a classic one from monaco which i found hilarious:

He Was talking about Tambays barrel roll at the corner berofre Loews hairpin (cant rember what it called)

'He was lucky not go over the barriers and down to one of the sea front bars, where he would of been offered a drink but might of had problems holding it steady'

Dont think he would be a great commentater, but would be great if he was used to re-cap the events of the last race or session.

ah well we can only dream
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