The Large Hadron Collider


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Everyone knows what it is, but have you ever wondered how it works?

This great video explains it in easy to understand terms.

Some of the figures are mind blowing though; the number of times the packets circulate around the LHC in a single second for example.

Seems like a pretty accurate description, though some of the animations are a bit Hollywood LOL. It is amazing what's being achieved, I can't remember who said it but I like the description of the LHC being its own prototype because literally everything about it is pushing the boundaries of what we can do in the 21st century.

Since that video a problem with the magnets meant the LHC had to be shut down in 2009, and then has been running it half it's intended energy (3.5 TeV beams / 7 TeV collisions) for the last two years. The plan is to continue running like that until the end of 2012 (by which point a sizeable amount of data will have been collected, and the Higgs Boson in it's 'simplest' form should really have been discovered if it exists), at which point the LHC will be shut down for another year to fix the magnets fully and allow 7 TeV beams / 14 TeV collisions to start.
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