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A lot is made this weekend of Ferrari's home race at Monza. So why not a quiz on Things At Home in Formula One.

1. Nino Farina is the only driver to win the title in his home country. How many times have Ferrari won the Constructors' Championship at Monza?

3 times in 1975, 1977 and 1979.

2. Who was the first Frenchman to win the French GP in Formula One?

Jean-Pierre Jabouille in 1979

3. Gilles Villeneuve famously won his first race at Montreal in 1978. Who finished second?

Jody Scheckter for Wolf

4. Aguri Suzuki scored Japan's best result at Suzuka in 1990 with a 3rd place. Who is the only Japanese driver to score a podium away from home?

Takuma Sato at the 2004 USGP

5. Name the two drivers to win their only victories at their home Grand Prix for a full point each!

Ludovicio Scarfiotti and Carlos Pace

6. As of 10th September 2010, who is the last driver to win a race in their home country?

Felipe Massa at Brazil 2008. Seb Vettel at Europe 2010 does not count, despite the fact he is European!

7. How many times has Fernando Alonso stood on the Barcelona podium?

5, with 1 win

8. Who is the last driver to win the European GP in their own country?

Michael Schumacher in 2006

9. Which British constructor has most wins at the British GP?

McLaren (14) beats Williams (10) and Lotus (8). Behind Ferrari though...
I managed 3 as well. I'm not sure what Q5 means TBY, were their only victories at their home GP? I wouldn't have known the answer anyway :D
A shocking 1 for me.

(though I'd like to award myself half a point for getting 50 percent of the name in question 2)
Joining C_a_T on 1 too.

I tried Panis at Monaco for Q5 but of course it's all technicalities there. Damn Monaco being a principality!
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