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Or so you would have thought. Were Mercedes not in and dominating this years Championship would things be better or worse? :thinking:

Autosport's Ben Anderson has crunched the figures and the Championship is already over!!! :bored:

(After 14 races)

1. Vettel, 299
2. Raikkonen, 169
3. Bottas, 166
4. Massa, 147
5. Kvyat, 101
6. Ricciardo, 98
7. Grosjean, 78
8. Perez, 72
9. Hulkenberg, 62
10. Verstappen, 52

Viva Lewis! :1st::cheer:Viva Nico!:2nd: :cheers:Viva Mercedes! :goodday:

Would F1 2015 be better without Mercedes?
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I suspect some may run in horror at the thought of more of this:

Having come in after Vettel's championships, I get to be the lucky F1 fan who thinks Seb's just the fanboy all grown up and achieving his dream. I know there are reasons people don't like him, but because I didn't get to see all that makes them feel that way, I don't really have an opinion on it :)

As for would it be better without Mercedes? Nope. It would be better if certain teams didn't get money just for being them, and if all teams had a say in strategy meetings.. but, and it galls me to say it, I also don't think F1 would be F1 without Ferrari, they're a constant, a touchstone.
Seb's my driver of the year

the change of scene was good for him and away from Horner and the negative vibe they have been giving off when not winning and then rubbing people's noses the wrong way when they have
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