The German GP - Nurburgring


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RickD said:
How did Vettel get away with a fine? Surely this is the same as happened last year(?) and surely should have been a demotion (5 or 10 places) for causing a dangerous situation in the pits..
Ignoring the precedents set last year in GP2, I would expect the stewards to take the opinion that it's not the driver's mistake, as he is waved away by the team. See also Massa, F, Valencia.


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muddytalker: spot on

could be me, but the stewards seem pretty easy going this year.

oh well, in view of the water coming down we could be in for a power boat race. lets hope all the life jackets are in place. and are allowed by the stewards :)


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I can't help feeling somewhat cheated by today's race.

We had all the ingredients for a great race with at least 3 different teams/drivers in with a decent chance and yet it was almost all over by the first lap.

Hamilton picked up a puncture, caused by Mark Webber's front wing, which took him out of it.
Then Heikki did an admirable job of holding up everyone behind him allowing Webber and Barrichello to get a decent lead which meant Mark's drive-through penalty was all but negated by the huge gap he managed to build.

The inability of cars to overtake even when they are several seconds a lap faster than the car in front is absolutely ruining the racing


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I was slightly disappointed, we could have seen Hamilton leading the race in the first stint at least if he hadn't been tagged by Webber, in actual fact that is what secured Webber the race win!

I dunno, could Hamilton have won it? He'd have been much quicker than Kovalainen.

If Adrian Sutil hits Kimi Raikkonen again, he'll scream...


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i only watched the start and the finish. couldn't be bothered with whatever happened in between. it most likely wasn't racing anyway.

LH, tough luck. the front wings this year are like razors. could have happened to anyone. and then rubens started to throw his toys out of the pram, silly boy...

its races like this which make it clear beyond any reasonable doubt something has to be done. just continuing with the rules we have now is just now enough. i dread next season already.


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ah yes, and my new cap, got it just to cheer on sutil. oh well...

still i think sutil looked good in that position. hope it will continue next time but i have some doubts.


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Well, congratulations to Mark Webber, he definitely deserved it, not just for his performance yesterday but over the last eight years.

I didn't think it was a bad race to be honest, Kovalainen's slow pace allowed the likes of Sutil and Rosberg to stay in contention - and Alonso once he'd decided that his car wasn't that bad after all. Adrian in particular drove superbly, as did Fisi.

There was a period in the middle of the race when I wasn't sure how it was going to pan out - Vettel, the Brawns and the Ferraris were all very close on pace.

It is instructive to note that both of the cars doing most of the blocking (Kovalainen and Massa) were equipped with KERS, while those trying to get past were not. Mind you, Button managed to pass Heikki in the very early stages didn't he? So it's not impossible.

We need the cars of the future to be more like Brawns and less like Red Bulls, if that's possible?


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GordonMurray said:
We need the cars of the future to be more like Brawns and less like Red Bulls, if that's possible?

You could quite clearly see that the Brawn was able to follow much closer than the Red Bull due to it not being affected so much by the turbulence from the car in front.


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tyre strategies

Driver Team Stint 1 Stint 2 Stint 3 Stint 4
Hamilton McLaren S-Soft Med S-Soft
Kovalainen McLaren S-Soft Med Med
Massa Ferrari S-Soft S-Soft Med
Raikkonen Ferrari S-Soft S-Soft
Kubica BMW S-Soft Med S-Soft
Heidfeld BMW S-Soft S-Soft Med
Alonso Renault S-Soft Med Med
Piquet Renault Med Med S-Soft
Trulli Toyota S-Soft S-Soft Med S-Soft
Glock Toyota Med S-Soft Hard
Bourdais Toro Rosso Med
Buemi Toro Rosso S-Soft S-Soft Med
Webber Red Bull S-Soft S-Soft Med Med
Vettel Red Bull S-Soft Med S-Soft
Rosberg Williams Med Med S-Soft
Nakajima Williams Med Med S-Soft
Sutil Force India Med Med Med S-Soft
Fisichella Force India S-Soft S-Soft Med
Button Brawn GP S-Soft S-Soft Med S-Soft
Barrichello Brawn GP S-Soft S-Soft Med Med
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