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Was it Jerome D'Ambrosio in Hugary 2011? Back then of course it was the Virgin Racing team.
I'd supply a link but I can't seem to find one.
Some great WT...moments on here.
Out of interest is this the longest wait to chose subjects for a poll?!
There must've been a few moments in the last few years, sorry Felipe but Singapore 2008 still brings a smile to my face.
I'll bet it's what Hamilton was thinking in Turkey 2010 when the Red Bulls had taken each other out & he found Button passing him.

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There's a few that come to mind:
1990 Phoenix Grand Prix
A Minardi qualified second, a Dallara third and a Tyrrell fourth on the grid!

1991 Phoenix Grand Prix
Mika Hakkinen spins in a straight - the cause? He had managed to pull the steering wheel off.... What's even more "What the?!?" is that he re-attached the steering wheel, and continued the race... then retired later on in the race!

1991 Portuguese Grand Prix
Nigel Mansell is overtaken by his right rear wheel as he speeds off down the pitlane

1991/1992/1993 British Grand Prix
Ayrton Senna retires from the British Grand prix 3 years on the trot, at more or less the same corner each time... - and in both 1991 and 1993 he ran out of petrol!

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<<<< At the 1977 GP of Canada, James "the Shunt" Hunt crashes himself out of the event and is helped from his cockpit by volunteer corner worker Ernie Strong. When Hunt inexplicably wanders back onto the circuit, Strong takes him by the elbow to usher him back to safety. Bizarrely, Hunt wheels and punches Strong in the nose, knocking him to the ground. Then as the visibly anxious Strong struggles to get back to his feet, Hunt pats him on the head.

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