The British GP hero's or zero's


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Coming away from the Drivers here, who were your hero's or zero's from this weekends British GP?

Here are mine:

Hero's: The British Fans - yet again the Brits prove to be the best f1 fans in the world, not only did they come out and support the British lads, but they also showed what the F1 calendar needs passion and autmosphere unlike places like China or Valencia.

Zero's: The Mclaren pit crew - what were their thinking sending Jenson out without his tyre put on properly, very poorer IMHO.
I'll think on it.

The FIA, teams and all the EBD nonsense which ruined the build up.

(P.S. When did we start adding apostrophes for plurals? ;) )
Hero - Pat Fry's great Ferrari upgrade
Zero - Charlie "Change the Rules" Whiting, and Red Bull/Renault for waiting as late as possible to complain about the rules and pressuring the FIA.
Hero's : Ferrari hate to admit it but they kept their minds on the car rather arguing over EBD

Zero's : Martin Whitmarsh he's getting caught in the same trap of rowing over the rules like the flexed wing and letting his team fall behind

The Mclaren pit crew...I think if it happened to Hamilton it may have been the last straw for him to look for a move

Christian Horner - proved he is a useless and gutless team principal after all

Force India - completely ruined Di Resta's race with bungled pitstop
Schumacher for smacking into the back of Kobayashi
other Heroes

Hamilton and Button both drove well given the mess they were in after qualifying. Lewis was exceptional during the race

Button did not well to keep his cool and not throw a wobbler for the pitstop bungle
Those that know how to spell "heroes" and "zeros"

Alonso, Hamilton

Those that don't know how to spell "heroes" and "zeros"

Schumacher, Mr Lollipop at McLaren, Christian Horner, Force India

Silverstone circuit - crappy track, awful new pit lane, no character or charm


Alonso, Hamilton, Vettel, Horner (for having the balls to make a team decision)
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