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The Austrian GP was cancelled a few years ago, and for those of you who may have missed the Austrian national anthem in China (all of you I believe) here is another Teabag Yokel absentee GP quiz to sink your teeth into!

2) The last Austrian GP was in 2003, who did not start?

Heinz-Harald Frentzen

1) You might notice that my 2nd question has come before the first; who else was on F1's most embarassing podium in 2002?

Juan-Pablo Montoya

3) Austria was one of Schumi's worst circuits; who won most Austrian GPs?

Alain Prost

4) Who won the inaugral Austrian GP at Zeltweg?

Lorenzo Bandini

5) For three consecutive years in 1975-77 drivers won their first GPs at the Österreichring; who became World Champion at some point in their career?

Alan Jones (1977). The other two winners were the moderately successful John Watson ('76) and not so successful Vittorio Brambilla ('75)

6) There was a non-Champioship Grand Prix at Zeltweg in 1963. How many drivers finished?

3, Jack Brabham (Brabham), Tony Settember (Scirocco), Carl Godin de Beaufort (Maarsbergen)

7) After a good qualifying performance :whistle: Jarno Trulli led the 1997 Austrian GP from the start; for how many laps. (71 lap race, get within 10)


8) Austrians to score WC points, fill in gaps:


9) Where did Lauda win his last race 4 years before Berger win at the same circuit?

Monza 1984/88

10) Roland Ratzenburger only completed one race of his GP career at Aida in 1994, where did he finish?

11th and last, 5 laps behind. Ironically, he hence finished ahead of Senna in the WDC that neither would complete on countback.

Thank you, no Red Bull questions, surprised?
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