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With the Oz GP almost upon us I thought It's about time for a little bit of Clip the apex style fun.

Here are 10 questions on F1 Aussie style to keep you going. I know the the web is a wonderful place but try and give it a go without having a peek around for the answers. If you feel confident you can post your answers on here or you can keep them to yourself. I will put the actual answers up in about a week. Good luck.

C_A_T :goodday:

1) There have only been four Australians to score points in F1 can you name them?

2) Before Mark Webber who was the last Australian to have qualified for an Australian GP. Plus a Bonus point for year and car.

3) Who was the last driver to win the Australian GP when it was held in Adelaide?

4) Who are the only two drivers left on the grid to have contested every Melbourne based Australian GP?

5) What F1 record does the 1991 Australian GP hold?

6) What was the name of the 60's motor racing series that was held during the Australian summer that attracted most of the top drivers and teams?

7) Who scored his final GP win at the first Australian GP in 1985?

8) Who failed to complete more than a single race lap in the 96, 97, 99 and 2000 Australian GPs?

9) Which driver ran out of fuel in the 1997 race?

10) At what corner did Schuey bump into Damon in the 1994 Oz GP?
OK, here is my hopeless attempt at answering this quiz...... my answers are behind the button! (A special prize for identifying when I got stuck!)

1) Mark Webber, Alan Jones, .. :unsure: .. , .. :unsure: ..

2) Alan Jones

3) Nigel Mansell

4) Rubens Barichello, Jarno Trulli

5) The only GP to be held in Oz in 1991 !

6) Vegimite?

7) :unsure:

8) :unsure:

9) Jean Alesi

10) :unsure:

I also spotted a link on the F1fanatic site, showing a virtual lap of Melbourne courtesy of Google Street View >>HERE<<

Got a few answers for you:

3. 1995 Australian GP - was it not Hill?
4. Rubens Barrichello & Giancarlo Fisichella
5. Shortest GP in history (won by a Mr. A. Senna)
8. Was it Mika Hakkinen?

Can we make the quiz standard for each GP?

'M off to check my answers.
Some good answers there guys.

Teabag, I'm hoping to put a Country, GP themed quiz before every GP this season however I will miss a couple of races in April due to being away on my honeymoon.

Having checked the Calendar, I will be away for Malasia, China and Bahrain. I will look to post a Malaysia quiz but don't know If I will be able to do anything for the other two. Normal service will resume on my return.

Ok chaps/chapesses. Here are the answers for the Australian Quiz.

(I've hid them behind the button just in case any one would still like to take part).

1) Sir Jack Brabham, Tim Schenkan, Alan Jones and Mark Webber
2) David Brabham - Simtek 1994
3) Damon Hill
4) Rubans and Fisi
5) Shortest GP in F1 History. 14 laps or 25 Minutes
6) The Tasman series
7) Keke Rosberg
8 ) Johnny Herbert
9) Jean Alesi
10) Flinders Street

I am hoping to have the next quiz up on Monday.

Regards C_A_T
Where there are limited Grand Prix can you post some general questions? - particularly relevant for Singapore/Abu Dhabi. For Valencia, there be plenty of European GPs to chose from!
No worrys Teabag, I'd all ready thought of that for the Euro Gps. As you say there is a hat full of questions to be had about Euro GPs in days of old.

I was going to worry about Singers when we got there. :snigger: That one is going to be a bit more tricky to make relevent given that we have only had one race there so far. An Idea did occur that I could make that one about unusual GPs given the running at night thing. One off tracks and odd ball stuff.

Glad you think it's a good idea. I'd like to see more people have ago but maybe they did and didn't post there answers.

It's good to have a bit of fun.

Regards C_A_T. :goodday:
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