Cricket The Ashes

absolutely stunned by this news, got home & i was going on twitter, to congratulate jordan north on his comic relief challenge & got confronted with this, certainly takes your breath, i was young & junior/secondary school during his career that i remember, an incredible bowler in golden generation Australian team, between 1998 - 2005.

despite having both Waughs, Ponting, Gillespie, Mcgrath, Gilchrist, Lee, Hayden. Warne was always the 1 you feared watching the ashes above them all because he could rip through that batting order at will. some of his deliveries defied physics & was a terrific pundit, loved listening to him on sky post retirement
i watching of few of his balls, as sky sports news showed alot of them. what was almost better than the genius balls like Gatting & Strauss below.

is the absolute bemusement on the batters face where they start looking at pitch after being bowled to try & find some explanation of what on earth just happened there

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