Thats Me Booked. Silverstone 2012.


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:twisted: veeerrrryyy excited now :twisted:

Off to get the beer and grub tonight :cheers:

Still loads to organise. :dizzy:

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The Pits

Harumph. Again.
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I am unable to afford the prices that they charge these days. I am working on one or two people I know, who work for teams, but so far to no avail. I shall, however, by cycling to the circuit this weekend (next weekend may be a little busy for some reason)

That said, there are still Friday and Saturday tickets available for less than £100 (£100........ stone me, BTCC £25!!!)


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The thing that annoyed me the most is that camping tickets were £65 per person?! Surely it should be £65 per pitch...

Anyway this my first GP, I've just been and got some camping supplies but I'll pop down the shops at the weekend and get a few crates at the ready! :):cheers:


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I'm stocking up on batteries this year - I've got 3 batteries for my phone and I'm probably going to end up with a bandoleer of AA batteries - both my camera and video camera use them. Last year things ran out of batteries, not going to let it happen this time!
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