Ted Kravitz's notebook

In the strange absence of any notable coverage from the BBC this week, and so no interesting insights from Gary Anderson, Ted's videos are the most interesting snippets about what's really going on that you can find I think.
I think the beeb are only selecting specific places to send their journalist this season.

However, Ted's video's have been great for a while now, Sky really have let him take it to a new level :).
Whenever I go to watch the Barca notebooks it says that there are no videos. Can anyone embed them into this thread so I can see them? I just need the ones from the second test as I saw the first test's. Thanks if you can help.
I think Ted's quality, always found him funny and informative.

In one of the notebooks after a race, the camera man had no clue what he was doing, Ted got so pissed off and pulled the camera to where he should have been looking and called him an 'idiot' in the process :D
I looked for this thread after the Aust GP .....

When the GP finished last week...Ted walked thru the Ferrari? garage & along the back of the garages to where the press interviews take place...There were a lot of folk about & Kimi walked past.... Ted didn't see him at first...When he did..he was sooooooooooo excited ..."look...there's Kimi...don't we all love Kimi..........absolutely adore him.".......
Love you too Ted LOL
Actually you have touched on something there HammydiRestarules that I've been thinking on and off for some time. I've noticed a lot of back slapping regarding Sky's coverage of F1. I'm not sure all the credit they're getting is warranted. After all, the format is really just marginal evolution of what ITV and the BBC developed over the years. The significant difference is obviously the dedicated channel. That's great for absolute fanatics but there is more to life than F1 for me so more is not necessarily better.

Back to Ted - I'm glad he survived the transition because he delivers some tech info and makes me laugh when the teams slip him the odd but of duff info' - although I think he's wised up to that so he's not as funny as he once was. Which is a shame. Anyway without Ted's notebook there wouldn't be one from Rad Booton. For that I'm ever grateful to him and look forward to his digging up tit-bits in China.

Rock on, Ted.:cheer:
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