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I've just seen Ted Kravitz's view from the pitlane, and I'm left thinking that he doesn't really understand F1...


So, what am I complaining about?

He keeps saying (And said during the race) that the reason that Button was so much faster than Vettel was because he put on new tyres 2 laps earlier than Vettel and so had more heat in his tyres

Now, this is just incorrect. Why? Well, firstly, Webber put his dry tyres on the lap before Button, and so surely he should have been faster - certainly he shouldn't have been outclassed by Button in quite such an emphatic manner. Secondly, since the race was neutralised by the safety car, any advantage in terms of tyre temperature would have been negated! So how was Button faster AFTER the safety car came in.

He's been sold a kipper there (probably by Red Bull).

It seems to me that there's two reasons why Button beat the red bulls yesterday - firstly his car had a higher downforce set-up, and secondly because he was driving better than Vettel and Webber... Simple as that!
Putting super softs on when the track was still damp (i.e. 2 laps earleir) would actually put them at risk of losing pressure and cooling down.

Even so, after 2 laps the temperatures would be the same - they don't continually heat up lap after lap.

It was simply the different set up which provided more downforce and grip.
I know there are countless places on the web you can find list of murrayism but is there anywhere you can see a list of Tedisms? no one works harder bless him but he does tend to get things wrong. I reckon the teams keep themselves amused by feeding him duff information.
Wasn't there a SC period after they put n the supersofts? Haven't had a chance to watch the race (and won't after BBC switched channels and messed up my recording) or highlights, so might be wrong.
From the FIA lap analysis, looks like JB pits lap 51, SV lap 53. There's then 2× 2:00 laps 59/60, then the race has its final phase, with JB resuming 4th. Surely the tyres would have cooled down during the SC period. I just thought it was the fat that JB was having to duel and fight his way to catch Vettel that heated his tyres up to optimal, while Vettel was initially tiptoing round just maintaining a 3-4s lead over Schumacher.

Please ignore if I'm talking rubbish.
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