Suggestions wanted for F1 book


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I'm after suggestions for an F1 book which is heavily weighted towards data, facts and statistics.

In a discussion with Galahad he mentioned that he has "The International Motor Racing Guide" by Peter Higham.
As good as it is (and by all accounts it's excellent), it was first published in 1995 (latest edition is 2003 I think?) and doesn't cover the recent seasons.

Can anyone suggest something which is similar to this but covers up to 2009 or at least within the last few years?

Either that or something which can supplement Higham's book?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks FB but that looks to be mainly focussing on the business and financial aspects of F1, with a review of the season just finished.
At $99 a go it could be expensive if I was after a copy for each year for the last 5 years :D

I did manage to pick up a copy of Peter Higham's guide for £20 from Amazon so all I need to do now is fill in the gap from when that ends to present day.
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