Technical Stepped noses to be banned for 2013?


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In typical FIA fashion, just after the teams have spent millions designing something, and yet more millions perfecting it, it is once again scheduled to be banned for next season; this time it's the stepped nose.

That in itself is cause enough to roll ones eyes, but the reason they're thinking of banning them?
Because of the "dissatisfaction of the fans in relation to the appearance of this year’s cars".

You couldn't make it up.
They've grew on me, I barely notice them anymore and the Mercedes one is starting to look nice, and it will be nice to see how they manage to redesign the front wings, or will they all have lowered chassis like Mclaren at the start of the season
To be honest, I thought the lowering of the noses always was a two-stage process scheduled to culminate in a further lowering for 2013 that would include lowering the nose itself even more and at the same time lowering the maximum chassis height between the front wheels (Mclaren had already gone down this route, which is what enabled them to be the only team to avoid a stepped nose for 2012).

I may be wrong, but this would pretty much make the stepped noses redundant anyway, as far as I can see. The 2012 rule was always a compromise transitional measure to allow the teams to keep the existing height at the front of the chassis, to prevent them having to spend a fortune redesigning cars that were already well advanced.

So Charlie Whiting's latest statement seems a bit pointless to me (as do more and more of the things he comes out with these days).

Personally speaking, I can't wait for a return to lower noses generally; it's not the stepped noses per se that offend me (although I still think they are ugly) but high noses in general.
Good old Harvey Postlethwaite! :whistle:
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