Spa. Where to Sit ?


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I was at Silverstone this year with the lads, it was awesome (apart from the 3 mile walk to the shower block). Next year 2012 the lads are planning on a visit to Spa. Problem is none of us have been before.

Can anyone give us a bit of advice on where to sit if you have been before. Also what is the camping like seems a bit pricey, does it come with a complementary Santander Girl or something ?

If you get a 'Bronze' ticket, get yourself down to Pouhon, it's a brilliant place to view, hilly so you can see a lot of the circuit, there are TV's and it's not far from the F1 Shop area.
Thanks MCLS. I will be paying close attention when the race is on in a month or so.
Do you do the whole tents camping thing when you are there ?
Yup, Pouhon is a great corner to sit, but very very crowded. Get up there early if you want a good place.
Bruxelles is also a good corner to sit at. To bad i didn't go last year, otherwise i could have seen Alonso crash right in front of me.
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