Sour grapes?


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Looks like Alonso is still dwelling on his time at and departure from McLaren. ... 3534.shtml ... 4436.shtml

Not only does he claim that Heikki is employed purely as a second driver but also even if he was still driving for McLaren he wouldn't be allowed to win...

"If I was racing for McLaren now, maybe I am in the same position as I am now, without the possibility to win," he claimed.

Sour grapes or a case of someone regretting not taking an opportunity that usually only comes along once in a lifetime?

Either way, his comments were fairly insulting to both Heikki and McLaren.
Sour grapes maybe, wishing he wasn't such a ....... and stayed and stayed at macca maybe, grumbling cause he knows he can't get a top seat for next year now with things looking to be very much static in the driver market.... most likely.

Just my opinion!
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