Sky vs BBC F1 Coverage

On another thread I hinted at the BBC restricting coverage to oversea viewers, this means that the BBC is basically landlocked to this emerald Isle.

And so as I have been taken to task on this I shall explain myself, the BBC is unique in the fact that is has absolute control and it charges a fee from all the people who want to view it and in return we don't have to suffer ad breaks (Big deal.) but we also don't get a say in what we want to watch they ignore public opinion and put out for viewing what is 90% crap and repeats of Crap, however I digress, the BBC makes an inordinate amount of money by selling this crap to other countries and the price we have to suffer is when we leave this country we cannot access any of this crap from abroad even though we pay our license fee, there are millions of expats that would like to access the BBC they have the right to vote in general elections they can draw their pensions from abroad they can be British in every single way but what they can't do is watch the BBC simply because the BBC has no structure in place to allow them to do so...

Basically the BBC is a dictatorship if we don't pay the fee they want, not only can't we watch their channel we can't watch any television at all because if we do we will either, be given a massive fine or be put in prison.

Well **** them! A free country my hairy arse....
I for one find the ever-increasing amount of advert breaks, with fewer and fewer actual ads, on commercial TV excrutiatingly awful. Often a programme has hardly got past the opening titles when there's a break, and you quite often see the same ad for the same unwanted product 4 or 5 times during one programme! Also, their 'automatic' operation is totally without any finesse or subtlety and frequently cuts right through a delicate or critical scene in a programme, totally destroying the flow and interrupting one's viewing like being hit in the temple with a chisel. Then, to make matters worse, we have to suffer those damned infuriating sponsors' links which are not only intensely annoying but waste even more valuable viewing time at the beginning and end of each break.

The ad breaks in the bad old days of ITV Grand Prix coverage denied us approximately one fifth of each race (12 laps of a 60 lap event like the British Grand Prix). Nowadays it would be even worse, since the Government increased the maximum advertising time allowed in each hour of broadcasting.

I therefore delight in the safe haven of the BBC and wish that all TV programmes were on their channels. Sadly I know that this cannot be, but I am at least happy for now that Sky have promised to keep the whole of every Grand Prix advert-free, so that we miss no live action. The moment they retreat from that pledge and begin to show adverts during the event, I will cancel my Sky Sports subscription as immediately and suddenly as the onset of an ITV commercial break.
gethinceri, insofar as Mephistopheles' criticisms of the Beeb involve whether one is able to access their F1 coverage abroad, I would have thought that his post was on thread.

Regarding my potential Sky cancellation I suspect you are right, but I hope it remains hypothetical anyway. ;)
Mmmmmm Green Font.

Seriously though, that bloody license ransom sorry fee >:(

I have a fully paid up legal TV with the ransom paid up and in the important papers box at home and yet, I live on a military base, in a room maybe 10ft by 15ft with a little shower and toilet room off to one side and as a result of that wonderful accommodation, I am expected to buy a second TV license if I wish to have a TV in there !!!!!


Guess what !!! A prisoner can have a TV in his cell and doesn't pay for a license !!!!

**** **** **** and more ****s !!!

Oh, and the F1 coverage situation is still shit.
I think cider_and_toast has eloquently put the unfairness and outdated method of paying for the BBC and before someone says oh but they have to pay to build the broadcasting towers that other broadcaster need to use, I will say yes but they charge those broadcasters to use them and how does that equate to me getting my feed from a satellite? I don't use a bloody areal...
The BBC is brill and fabby. If you want TV like they have in the US then good luck, I'll happily continue to pay for Auntie as she is worth every penny. But Sky's F1 coverage, and sports coverage in general, is better than anything the BBC or ITV can do simply because they spend the money. Although George Lazenby is a knob, but not a big a knob as Mr Humphries.
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