Silverstone agrees 17 year deal to host the British GP

Yeah but the words "Profit down" will set alarm bells ringing from CVC to the FIA and from Paris to Woking via all points west of Malaysia.

"up the prices" they'll say "up 'em quick, charge £100 for a t-shirt, some sucker will pay"
Bro said :

You have to wonder at Bernie's motivation for setting the date though.
It's almost as if he wants the British GP to fail...

What, Bernie does things with an ulterior motive!! :thinking:

Good news, but until those five lights go out, it could still go pear shaped, just look at Donnington and at the Turkey thread.
I hope Liberty Media can do something about lowering the prices Bernie demands. Firing Bernie would be a start.
F1 without a British Grand Prix would be dark days.
With the quiet hybrid engines it might even get past the complaints from the neighbours...
Doh, haven't they tweaked things to make them noisy again?

Brands Hatch will never return and we'll still have the snooze-fest (imho) at Silverstone.
Brands Hatch would need so much money spent on it that there is no way that there was enough left over to pay that nice Mr. Ecclestone's fee.
I would love it to be at Donny again, our park circuits are so much more interesting than the old airfields.

Actually, no I wouldn't, as I'm pretty sure they'd 'Tilkeify' the craner curves.
I would like a British Grand Prix where the camping facilities were professional, where there were fast flowing curves with overtaking possibilities, the top teams were closely matched, the entrance fees were reasonable and where traffic flowed freely after the race was over.

At the moment that looks like zero out of five.
Bernie has told Silverstone to stop moaning, and that other European venues cope (even with fewer spectators).

The business model that F1 works under just leads to circuits being stretched beyond their means- look at Mangey Course, Nurburgring, etc. Even Spa has struggled.

If Bernie continues to insist on £20million+ hosting fees, and insists on all track sponsorship being sold directly by FOM (with no money going to the track). In terms of sustainability of F1, it would make much more sense if FOM paid a hosting fee to the circuits, and then they received the gate money. The races would be held at circuits that attract fans. Rather than the countries that just want to advertise themselves!

If you assume 100,000 fans attending the GP, to pay the hosting fee, you currently need ticket prices of £200....
The Artist..... tickets would need to be £400 as Bernie and Co currently take 50% of the gate money (that's the deal with Silverstone). In fact they take 50% of everything sold on the day from your t-shirts down to your hot dog.
RasputinLives - where's that from? Every previous description of the deals has been that all of the ticket revenue goes to the circuit, but then £19.9million needs to be paid by the circuit to Bernie for the rights to host... It would be interesting to know if they've changed the deal!
Pictures from the renegotiation:
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