Sheene and Hunt Documentary on ITV

Cheers for that chap, can you bump this thread when it's going to be on? Memory like a .........errrr you know, like a colander but for flour......sieve........that's the one
Was a great watch.

One funny thing was when talking about the dull, corporate, sponsor driven drivers of today they kept using video of Jensen LOL the least corporate of them all i thought, and criticized as such in previous years! RICH!
Enjoyed this, apart from all the crap they cut in about today's football stars. Didn't quite see the relevance to a documentary about two motor racing stars of the 70's. S'pose ITV had to make it more "attractive" to a younger audience.
I downloaded this the other day and had a look. I enjoyed it, but I agree that the newer stuff about the football stars and Tiger Woods was unnecessary. Those parts seemed sort of rushed and pieced together rather poorly. I'm not sure if they were trying to make a commentary on Modern Media Coverage and Modern Morals, or just have a simple "Look how much things have changed moment", but these portions of the program didn't add anything to the show.

One of the big revelations from Alistair Caldwell was that Hunt did not want to race at Fuji in 1976, and that he was only coerced otherwise by the team and an unknown Japanese woman. According to author Tom Rubython, Patrick Head stumbled upon this woman servicing James in an empty garage shortly before the race start in order to ease the mounting tension. The rest, as they say, is history.
I switched this off after 10 minutes.
I have no interest in listening to the irrelevant comments from ex-tabloid editors and Max Clifford.

I should have known better, it was on ITV after all.
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