BTCC SEAT to quit BTCC at end of 2008


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This is terrible news.

What will happen to the series now?
Who wants to watch racing where it's a foregone conclusion (VXR) who wins?

What about JP and the other SEAT drivers?
Are they effectively out of a job or will they switch to the SEAT WTCC team?

I can't see JP being offered a seat with VXR and even if he was I doubt he would take it.
Unless of course it was Matt Neal's drive.....:D

A couple of articles on it here and here.
I just caught that news and have to admit it's a bit of a shocker and not quite sure what to make of it yet, does kinda leave one scratching the bonce! :blink: Whilst i don't follow it that much it is still fun to watch but i have thought that it has lacked serious manufacturer competion in recent years and this could just compound the situation further.

I'll have a wee think on this one for a while!
Maybe the same thing will happen as when MG pulled out. The cars will remain running as a team just not under the SEAT banner.

It's a bit of a shocker though and the last thing BTCC needs. I can't believe they left it so late in the year to make an announcement.

With F1 at it's smallest grids if not ever then for some time and the Indy 500 struggleing to make a full entry list, with Le Mans also having fewer and fewer entrants each year then it really seems that global motorsport is at it's lowest eb. After years of people with their own interests taking as much money out of motorsport in general it would seem that the pot is starting to run very dry.

Or is that maybe a little pesemistic
I have to admit to being perplexed by this decision, especially as it feels like it's a snap decision at a SEAT board meeting.

Hope to see JP in a BTCC drive next season!
Me too.
If JP leaves BTCC then the series will be poorer for it.

P.S. Welcome to the site - I was wondering when you would make your way over here :D
Wow, I didn't see that one coming (been away for a few days).

My initial reaction is that it isn't good news, obviously, but perhaps not a total disaster. Alan Gow is a wily old fox, he'd have been tipped off about this some time ago I expect. The likes of Honda have been sniffing around the BTCC for years, and considering how the WTCC effort is going might prefer to develop their Accord in the less competitive BTCC for a bit to avoid bad press.

I'm sure the old diesels will be sold on to a customer team (hopefully WSR!) and will still be competitive. The organisers will be able to extract concessions from Vauxhall now as well - obviously nobody wants a championship walkover, so they might be more amenable to the Vectra being "performance balanced" or extra ballast being applied. Realistically for the good of the series they have no choice.

A shame for both JP and Darren Turner too (who is underrated IMO). Hopefully they can both find good drives, though I wouldn't be surprised if Plato is promoted to the WTCC squad by way of an apology.
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