Scorpion: The sting at the tail of the grid?


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The whole point of the new regulations was to make them relevant to those guys (well, not sure how Yamaha got in there!?) Anyway, I'm going off topic but in short, I'd wait for a better offer if I was Todt - incidentally I don't think Bernie can promise anyone an entry.


Galahad Yamaha did power the 1997 Arrows car and they have a great pedigree in some of the American series so I thought it only polite to include them..:)

And no Bernie can't say who will get a grid slot, well not directly anyway but he does have a big mouth and a lot of influence and so if he wants something and it benefits him then he can usually make it happen..


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Just bumping this thread to see if anyone has heard any news on the infamous Scorpion Racing and whether they are trying to russel up an entry.

Last I heard though Pirreli were selling the old HRT cars on ebay(true!).


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There was some talk of this in January, when they may well have got onto the grid.
I've looked at them on Linkedin, and all that is there is an entry that Says Scorpion racing, nothing else . No information on the company or who runs it. Anyone could have put it there.


Sounds a lot like USF1.

That's basically how the site has always been. Except for 1or 2 video blogs by Pete Windsor of course.

Bro and G have basically covered all the pertinent points here. Anybody trying to revive the HRT team would be in need of a head examination.


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... or a massive win on the Euro Lottery and an uncontrollable desire to get rid of it all at once on his/her F1 obsession ...


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Maybe they could get extra help from Pirelli with option to run next years (unmarked) tyres,
- and occasional guest drivers wearing blanked out overalls and mirrored helmet visors. :yes:
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