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I really do think that this was Toyota's big chance, what with the misfortunes that struck Audi early on. They can't count on that happening again next year. Plus Porsche will be in the mix then. It should truly be a "don't miss it" race.


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Toyota have said that they didn't expect to challenge this year and that next year will be when they are fully up to speed. Lets remember they weren't even meant to run the car last year but were beg to come in a year early.

I agree next year will be interesting and after getting fully into it this year I'm already planning to get tickets to go and be there for my firstvLe Mans!

I'm pretty sure Buemi will be driving the Toyota again then too.


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Someone ask on my behalf, I don't have twitter, nor have any intention on getting it!

How about, why didn't he sign for Force India when he was apparently a favourite to get the seat.

Or, if I can get an autographed poster that I can stick in my room. LOL


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Red Bull use him quite a lot. He kept on with the team for years after losing his Torro Rosso seat. He seems to be a great development driver.

To be honest as a Formula E a WEC champion he is just a great driver.

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There is something about this on the Beeb.

Pirelli begins testing on wider tyres to be used in 2017

The report ends:

"As part of the attempt to simulate 2017 aerodynamic loads, the car they are driving is fitted with side 'skirts', which seal the gap between the floor and the track and increase downforce.

'Skirts' were part of F1 from 1978-1982, the era of so-called 'ground effect' aerodynamics, before being banned on safety grounds before the 1983 season."

So we will be hearing from Hamilton and Rosberg then.


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I'm not following Formula E, so can someone perhaps explain why Seb is winning all the races? Is it him, or the car/motor/batteries?


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The Renault EDams is the beat car there is no question. However his team mate hasn't troubled the top end much and Teecheeh have pretty much the same equiptment with Jean Eric Vergne at the wheel. So you have to put it 70% in the hands of Buemi. He just manages the car better than anyone out there.


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He has the best power unit (thus car). However, there are three other drivers with that drive system, of which only JEV has approached the area behind his rear wing.

Di Grassi tends to be wiser tactically, in my opinion, which is why he challenges in title races. Those two have been the absolute class of the Formula even back to the spec-series year (when they were joined by Piquet).


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Nicolas Prost of Buemi
Gutierrez (although Sarrazin replaces him now, since his move to Indy) of Vergne
Daniel Abt of DiGrassi
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