Rush. The James Hunt Film


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Looking forward to it but Chris Hemsworth's accent is not up to scratch at all and quite disappointing.

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Can't wait. Couple of years too young to remember this first time around but we all know the story.

Also Daniel Bruhl is an excellent actor and well, Chris Hemsworth just needs to look good doesn't he? Alexandra Marie Lara also plays the slightly miserable whiney roles well.

Will it be embellished, of course. Will there be a coating of hollywood pixie dust, naturally. So long as they get the story vaguely right, I expect an entertaining but non too revolutionary film, sounds like Ron Howard all over!

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I enjoyed Frost/Nixon and I still know little about watergate so I have even high hopes for this film, the problem is finding someone to watch it with!


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Originally it was in Scrutineering. Wouldn't have shown up there before but seems to have been moved now.


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This was amazing. I got to go to a private screening on Tuesday organised by the Hunt family, who I have some tenuous links to.

The sound is spot on and the acting is really top-notch. It's more about the dynamics between the drivers, so a bit slim on racing action, but I still thoroughly recommend a trip to the cinema.


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I am looking forward to seeing it but like a lot of "based on a true story" films, I just wish they didn't have to play with history to make it even more exciting.

As I understand it, there is a race in a lower formula shown in the film between Hunt and Lauda that never took place. Ron Howard has a habit of doing that in films. It's like in Apollo 13 with the fall out between the crew members and the arguments which never took place (Howard himself said this as well as all the people involved) but they were added for dramatic licence, as if the story wasn't dramatic enough.
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