Rush. The James Hunt Film


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I've only just heard about the planned new James Hunt vs. Niki Lauda film in pre-production, supposedly entitled Rush. I was just wondering whether anyone else had heard more than this article gives...

and whether you'd be looking forward to it? The history of motorsport films isn't exceptional, and as George Lucas mentioned to Jake Humphrey in Canada, they aren't usually very good. On the other hand, was Mr Lucas in Montreal as a first step toward acting as producer for the movie? Hmm....


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But are you a fan of the cars, circuits and F1?
That it was Hunt and Lauda can be but a minor irritant if you wish it to be.


It depends how it is made, if it is made as docufilm like the Senna film then then probably wont watch it but if is made as normal film then I'd give it a go....


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From what I saw of the production photos that Ron Howard was putting up every day, it definitely looks as though it will be worth a trip to the cinema. Plenty of proper, period cars, with a few exacting replicas to allow them a few thrills and spills. Not sure about the story line, although I understand they will be delving a bit into the friendship side of the Hunt-Lauda history (possibly when they were sharing a flat in London?) and not just focusing solely on 1976.

But I'd agree about the Senna film. Never before in the history of motorsport has one TV documentary been so over hyped and under delivered. That was a big disappointment.


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Lauda is one of my all time favourite drivers so I'm looking forward to this movie. I hope Hollywood doesn't spoil the story that by itself is the stuff of legend. Lauda arguably the best driver of the 70's along with Sir Jackie Stewart. He was the one who helped turned Ferrari around very much like Michael Schumacher did in the early 21st century. He took 3 teams and helped them rise to the very top, first Ferrari, then Brabham and finally McLaren and probably the only man who has got the best of Bernie Ecclestone.


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For the most part it looks like it will be an entertaining movie. Will there inaccuracies? Sure. Exposing Lauda and Hunt to a younger audience and non racing fans can't be a bad thing.
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