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As this snippet of news is not "Six Nations Rugby" related, as such, I t'aught I would start a new t'read, so I would. :D

The Irish Rugby Football Union has announced that the Irish coach Declan Kidney is no longer in charge. :(

the BBC said:
"The Irish Rugby Football Union revealed it would not offer him a new deal when his contract expired at the end of June and that he was leaving immediately."

BBC article

It's sad that Mr Kidney couldn't stay longer, but maybe the latest results made it clear that his time was up.
As with any kidney, "once the running is no longer clear, the yellow river means the end is nigh"

Still, I wonder who will take his place... :dunno:

Of course, any future non 6 Nations Rugby articles can be posted in this thread.
Even those relating to the southern hemisphere! :o
Not sure anyone should let a Kidney go without having some idea where they're getting a replacement from.

A Kidney with poor results is surely down to being in a transition period, which is a lengthy process - but doesn't happen every month!

Over two years to the next full check-up, across the Irish Sea in late 2015; so maybe a bit of a hasty transfusion!
You have more than one kidney? That means I could've been doing double the drinking for the last 35 years!
It's his own fault that Declan Kidney got the sack as he more or less played the same team for the 5 years that he was in charge for. Ireland are now in a transitional situation and it might take them a few years to get back into the running for a Six nations championship.
Just saw that this article was active again, then discovered that Johnny Carwash was having a private conversation with himself.

*Rings "The One Show" to enquire about special medical psychiatric item*

If nobody else replies now, though, I'll have to go for one of those nice jackets with the long sleeves that go all the way round, as well!

Only 5 hours to kick-off, at the Etihad Stadium - in Melbourne? When did they move that from Manchester? :s
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