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So Merhi has decided not to do WSR 3.5 for the rest of the year.

Merhi pulls out of FR3.5 programme

I'm still struggling to understand why he was doing it in the first place!
yeah same here as back during the malaysian gp weekend, i remember seeing merhi potential calendar if he was to combine both & i thought then he was mental because he would be burned out come november because every week he flying to another destination. now im unsure if travel has compromised his performance in both series or he just not good enough. might be harsh but im for inclined to believe the latter as stevens is widely acknowledged to have beaten him well over this season & in fr 3.5 from the time sheets i see hes around midfield

------------------------ Chinese GP 10/12 apr
------------------------ Bahrain GP 17/19 apr
FR3.5 Spain 25/26 apr ----------------------
------------------------ Spanish GP 8/10 May
Monaco 21/24 May
FR3.5 Spa 30/31 May ------------------------
------------------------ Canadian GP 5/7 June
FR3.5 Budapest 13/14 Jun ------------------------
------------------------ Austrian GP 19/21 June
------------------------ British GP 3/5 July
FR3.5 Austria 11/12 July
------------------------ Hungarian GP 24/26 July
------------------------ Belgian GP 21/23 Aug
FR3.5 GB 5/6 Sept Italian GP 4/6 Sept
FR3.5 Ger 12/13 Sept ------------------------
------------------------ Singapore GP 18/20 Sept
FR3.5 Fra 26/27 Sept Japanese GP 25/27 Sept
------------------------ Sochi GP 9/11 October
FR3.5 Jerez 17/18 Oct ------------------------
------------------------ US GP 23/25 October
------------------------ Mexican GP 30 Oct /1 Nov
------------------------ Brazilian GP 13/15 Nov
------------------------ Abu Dhabi GP 27/29 Nov


Points Scorer
Merhi kept up WSR because it was unclear whether he'd keep the Manor seat for the whole season as he doesn't come with as much as backing as some other available pay drivers.

It's difficult to compare him with Stevens as Merhi usually has the worse car (apparently it's written into Stevens' contract).
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