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He's fast, Polish and a bloody brilliant racer. To me Kubica is a special talent and has been very unlucky to not find himself in a top team yet.

The thing i like about Kubica is that he's a trier and never gives in say if he was third and had a sniff of second he'd go and chase the second place man down. He's a much toned down version of Lewis Hamilton IMHO he's great at overtaking (Austrailla 2009) exception and if he was in a better car i think he'd a won more races than the current 1 he stands at.

Kubica made his F1 debut at the Hungrian GP in 2006 replacing the injuried Jacque Villeneuve for BMW Sauber. He'd outqualified teammate Nick Heidfeld at the time and finished the race in 7th place only to be DSQ for been under weight. Since Kubica's first and only Pole Position came at the 2008 Bahrain GP, that same season he'd broke his winning duck and won his current and only race in Canada. Kubica has stood on the podium 12 times and in his 76 race he's scored a total of 273 points.

Sad news broke eariler in the year (2011) that Kubica had been involved in a Rally competition and crashed, his life was said to be in the balance, but he's slowly recovering from nasty injuries he substaned in the accident. It remains to be seen whether Kubica will return to motor-racing. But for me Kubica is a talented driver and if we do see him back on the grid i'd be over the moon.

Whether you like him or not Kubica is a cool guy and one that i'd like to see become Champion if he return's to the sport.

How do you rate Kubica?


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Just been trying to make up my mind about Robert Kubica and then had a look at the thread about Nico Hulkenberg who I had more of clear impression about. So I looked up their records.ülkenberg

I have to say I've always been more impressed by The Hulk and still am. Kubi' is a nice guy but performance is everything. Nico definitely has the ability to go places given the right kit. I fear Robert may not show that early promise again unless his mindset following his recovery from that horrible accident is totally fearless with a good slice of ruthlessness thrown for good measure.

I sincerely wish him well and, as others have said, hope that he proves me wrong.


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There was a rumour last week that he could be back racing at Brazil this year. Looking a tthe pictures of the state his arm is still in after 6 months, I fail to see how this will happen.
I really rate Kubica, I'd say one of the best 5 drivers on the grid beofre the accident. I really want all you guys who said he won't be back to be wrong, as I'm sure you all do, but it's touch and go. He may never develop the deftness of touch and the necessary strength to ever be the same again, and that's a real shame
If Lauda can come back and win two titles after being given the last rites by a priest on his death bed...and if Massa can come back from a near fatal skull fracture, Kubica taking FP1 or FP2 late this year is hardly beyond the realms of possibility.

That young Pole is a rarity when it comes to determination. It WILL happen.

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I think he was potentially in Alonso / Vettel / Hamilton's league, but was still a little unknown a quantity without a top drive. Also, I was surprised Heidfeld outscored him over one of the seasons they were together. Heidfeld has never struck me as an absolute ace, but I guess he's outscored Massa, Webber, and Kimi in equal cars. John Watson outscored Lauda the first two years of Niki's comeback too. Kubica's accident was a very depressing development, and I really hope he can return at the level he was at previously. The way all the top seats were shuffled around in 2008-10, plus BMW and Kimi leaving, it was kind of bad timing that saw him miss a top drive. I know in the wake of the crash, the consensus was that he was a racer, and it was great for him to be competing in that rally, and how much admiration there was out there for his spirit, but I must admit that didn't totally sit comfortably with me. Of course he's a racer, but I think with the chance he had to fight at the top level this year, I do think he shouldn't have taken the risk, and I was surprised at Renault's ready endorsement. All academic now of course, but... I just wish he'd been in the gym, or in the simulator, or a kart, not doing 200km/h plus on narrow public roads. He does remind me a little of how I imagine Patrick Depailler, he's a fighter, and seems a charming guy, but they both seriously impacted their careers by being in risky situations outside their job. It would be a joy to see him back, and able to perform. Imagine if he won another Grand Prix; wouldn't be a dry eye in the house. I really hope it happens!


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Is this like when you said Schumacher would never come back Ray?

I think the difference between Lauda, Massa and Kubica is what he's actually injured. If his tendons are damaged and he has lost control of his hand then I'm afraid thats it.

Don't get me wrong I hope he returns too and is just as good as before. From looking at his injuries though I have my doubts.


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There was an article on the F1 Racing, it showed where his nerves where damaged, the one connecting to the thumb and index finger, and the other nerve was the one that connected to his pinky and ring finger. The article said it was going to be hard for him to feel with his thumb and index finger again, but the hand surgeon said that he was quite sure Kubica will be back which I found strange...I guess you don't need to feel with the thumb as much as the other fingers, because it's not doing much while the others are shifting the gear paddles etc.
Is this like when you said Schumacher would never come back Ray?

I think the difference between Lauda, Massa and Kubica is what he's actually injured.
From looking at his injuries though I have my doubts.

Aha ha! I said Schumacher would get dismantled by the current Aces on the grid. :) By and large i've been right.

You're vastly underestimating Lauda's and Massa's injuries, Rasputin.

So, you've looked at his injuries, have you? Hehe...Which school did you get your MD from? :snigger: The proper doctors have taken a closer look than you and they think he'll be able to get in an F1 car again.
Which of the "proper doctors" has experienced what it is like to drive an F1 car for up to two hours a race? The doctors don't know and neither do we. Only time will tell.

My main point was that the proper doctors know more than you or I or Rasputin. Not only have we never raced a Formula One car for upwards of two hours, but we don't even have an MD...and even if we did have a medical degree, we likely haven't performed Kubica's surgeries and helped him in his convalesence.

These proper doctors say he'll be in a Formula One car. Rasputin said "From looking at his injuries though I have my doubts." (post #26)

Go ahead...take Rasputin's word for it, then!
I would take the doctors word as they are bound to have contractual obligations with financial implications such as negligence, insurance payouts nand reputation. They would be best placed to make the call. Ofcourse Robert would probably always say he was ready.


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You won't see him back in an F1 car unfortunately :(


Ouch that looks nasty. Really hope he'll recover from it, i've got faith he will :).


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F1 hasn't been to kind to Kubica, DSQ on debut, BMW's stupid decision to cancel development mid season in 2008, the crash in Canada in 2007..... Its a massive shame, I hope he comes back from this, but I doubt it :(


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Doctor Rasputin in the house - I don't usually make house calls but on this occasion I have just to remind Mr Ray before we get into some circuilar argument again that I said if the tendons are damaged and that I was afraid we won't see him again (just like Spesh did).

I did not claim to have any inside medical knowledge regarding Robert Kubica. I have no link to Robert Kubica or the Kubica family and please accept this as my full written apology for anyone who assumed I had and who I may have upset. I was just speculating that if someone could not move their hand properly then they might not be able to drive an F1 car. I will state again this is pure speculation and not a committed medical opinion.

I would also like to make it clear that I was under-estimating Lauda or Massa's accidents and any offence coursed their either - I was saying that they are different kind of accidents with different injuries.

Just to be clear I'm a big Kubica fan and would love to see him back and on full form - I was just speculating with the little knowledge I had and expressing a concern also expressed by others that he might not be in the same way that many of here were specualting that he will be. No one actually knows right now including Robert himself. I'm sorry if people thought that I was some kind of Doctor because I offered this opinion I will not make the same error again.

I also want to make it clear that I wasn't knocking Jesus as a person, or a relligion, or a thing or whatever it is. I was just starting that we, The Beatles, meant as much to kids as Jesus did at that time.


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There are stories circulating that he's looking to return for Brazil, my heart says great, my head says 2012, any thoughts?

Also would it be morbid if we ask to look @ the scars?


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1) The only recent story I've read fro the man himself, and he said he'll be doing all he can to be ready for 2012.

2) not morbid, merely voyeuristic.


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If he doesn't come back the same (which I think he won't) I think it will be one of the great 'what if's about an F1 driver who failed to live up to the skill they had acquired and the expectation placed upon them. Such a waste.


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From the man himself. Krystioo FAN: Is it true that you’re coming back for the Brazilian GP?
I like to have a goal when it’s a reasonable one. We’ll see how the next few months go in terms of the rehabilitation process evolution and then we’ll take a decision in due time. What is important is that I know that my Team is keeping my seat for whenever I need it.
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