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I've just signed up for LoveFilm's free trial and am not particularly up to date with the latest cinematic offerings so.............recommend me a film thank you please.

I'm open to most genres, chicflicks aren't for me or anything along the american pie theme.
The Avengers Assemble is truly brilliant. If not, go retro and try The Fisher King or if you want to watch something to scare you witless and confused at the same time try Eraserhead. The new version of True grit is pretty darned good as well.
DVD, how old you are you? It's all Blu-Ray now man, or high def streaming if you're really cool (and don't live in the middle of no where like me where you struggle to watch a You Tube video without buffering).

Might I suggest a Peter Sellars weekend Speshal?
I have to say, "The Kings Speach" is great watch. Uplifting and funny. I went to the cinema not expecting a great deal and came out having loved it.

As for the list above, There are one or two I haven't watched but of those listed that I've seen, they all great. Oh Brother where art though is hilarious once you get the gag (I had no idea what the film was about before I sat down to watch it by chance).
It's really awful to admit this but I totally enjoyed "Revenge of the Nerds".
It's one of my feelgood films like "Casino Royale" (the Niven/Sellars one) "Decline and Fall...of a Birdwatcher", and "Blow-Up" (the David Hemmings one).
I've watched Gattaca and The Rum Diaries this weekend and both are pretty good. The Rum Diaries is a bot slow to begin with but keep with it if you try it.
I gave up on The Rum Diaries after 15-20 minutes.

I figure if a film doesn't grab me by then, I'm not going to waste another 70+ minutes on it.
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