Rear Wing Vents


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Are the vents in the rear wing required under the regulations as all the cars appear to have them? If not I am struggling to understand their purpose as they will release the higher pressure air on the top of the wing negating its effect. Are the wings now becoming "trim tabs" rather than aerodynamic devices?
If you mean the vents in the endplates, I think the idea behind these is to equalise the pressure on both sides of the endplate. Previously this imbalance was creating vortices on the outer corners of the wing which were adding a lot of drag - you could see them when it was raining or the air was very moist.

It's only in the last 5 years or so that teams have really devoted a lot of time and resources to maximising this area. I think Renault pioneered them on their 2004/2005 cars, sometime around then? Could be down to improved CFD software I suppose.
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