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In the absense of Dash Racing I thought I'd post up a quick discusion thread for this weekends Eprix in Punta Del Este, Uruguay. This was my favourite race of last year full of action and overtakes as well as some great camera angles. Who knew a sprinkling of sand from the very windy beach would create such great action?

Formula E has changed this year with the introduction of manufactueres but its still just as entertaining as the mental race last time out in Malaysia proved. There is no doubt that Buemi and EDams Renault should be the dominate force at the front but both seem to have a great nack messing that up and the heat should create issues for them. Even without issues they would have to be on their toes as Lucas Di Grassi and the Audi Abt are certainly getting ever closer. Buemi's team mate Prost could get in the mix but tends to fade in race form, where as poor old Danny Abt seems to never get in the race in the first place. Its most likely going to be between these two teams for the win.

If your looking for someone outside that little group then the Citreon Virgin car could very well come out of nowhere. 1 gear system has had a shaky start but appears to be getting better with Sam Bird pinching podiums in both the last races. The Dragon team also seem to be there or there abouts even though they've conspired to throw away podiums in both the last races. Duval is very quick though and I do expect him to be in the mix. As most likely will be Heidfeld in the Mahindra who is putting Bruno Senna to shame.

Entertainment wise look out for Frinjs, Felix Da Costa and Berthon completely outperformng last years Spark Renaults and dragging them up to compete with the front runners - Frinjs sideways and on 3 wheels last time out! Also look out for Nelson Piquet Jr sulking round at the back in his two to Team China car being made even slower by his pouting lip adding extra drag down the straights. Also you can enjoy a game of 'spot Jacques Villeneuve' who has apparently been driving in the last two rounds - I haven't seen him have you?
I had to dirty myself by looking at the ITV website cider_and_toast, I hope you're happy! There's a pre-race shown at 5:20 about Formula E technology

FIA Formula E Championship Live

Saturday 19th December on ITV4 from 6:00pm to 8:30pm

Jennie Gow presents live coverage of round three of the FIA Formula E Championship from Punta del Este in Uruguay. Sebastien Buemi claimed his first ever Formula E victory for his Renault e.dams team in what was a thrilling race in Punta del Este last season. This year the Swiss driver is second in the driver standings behind Brazilian Lucas di Grassi after two rounds, and both drivers will want to finish the year at the top of the championship with a strong showing in Uruguay. Inaugural champion Nelson Pique Junior continues to struggle and the NEXTEV TCR driver will want to kick start his campaign with some valuable points today. Commentary by Jack Nicholls and Dario Franchitti, Nicki Shields is the roving reporter.
Not a bad race but not great, not as much incident as we have seen in some but some good overtakes. The only problem I had was the wife insisted on watching Strictly before I could watch the race. I won't spoil the result for those still to watch it but I did laugh at Villeneuve and Piquet.
I didn't watch it live but saw it on Sunday night and it was fairly mundane by Formula E standards. Still some great bits going on though.

If you haven't watched it then don't read the rest of this.

Buemi looks like he is vastly superior to the rest of the field (especially his team mate) with the exception of Di Grassi so I think we have def got a two horse race going on this year. Buemi does have a tendency to crack under pressure though and I haven't seen that from Di Grassi so I think it might end up being close. I wouldn't rule Sam Bird out just yet either as he always seems to come to the top and is putting JEV to the sword at the moment.

One question I have though. Dragon are running Venturi's chassie, so why on Earth are Venturi so far behind them!?!?
The 2 electric cars are more environmentally friendly than 1 petrol one?

Also all the cars are made from hemp. Fact.

One electric car is greener than two electric cars. Fact.

formula e


Chassis / Survival cell - Carbon/aluminium honeycomb structure made by Dallara
Front and rear wing - Carbon structures and Aero styling by Dallara
Bodywork - Carbon - Kevlar honeycomb structures made by Dallara


Double steel wishbones, pushrod operated, twin dampers and torsion bars suspension (front) and spring suspension (rear)
Adjustable ride height, camber and toe
Two way (front) / Four way (rear) adjustable Koni dampers
Adjustable anti-roll bar (front/rear)
Yes. But by that argument no Formula E cars are better than any formula e cars.

The series is about promoting green technology. That technology currently needs two cars. Not sure why you need to beat them over the head with the enviromental stick.
Sorry, I didn't mean to beat them over the head, more of a gentle dig. I don't see how any branch of motor sport can be green unless it's the old British Racing Green.:whistle:
Regardless of the how the cars are powered they still use very large, kerosene consuming jet planes to fly their little cars around the world.
Without sounding like Formula E's crusader here I'm afraid even that's not quite right FB . They try to do the shipping as green as possible too hence the long period of time between races.

I heard the drivers even ate less sprouts this year to help the ozone layer ;)
F1 is supposed to be carbon neutral as Bernie plants trees to cope with the CO2 emitted. The problem there is that finite fossil fuels are still being burned not matter how you transport things. Anyway, I enjoy F1 and Formula E and we have to run out of energy sources one day.
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