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As some of you playstation users may have noticed, PSN has been affected by an external intrusion which has caused them to completely rebuild the security system. Luckily for me the downtime hasn't been too bad due to the nice weather during the day and in the evenings I've been playing on Portal 2.

The original Portal was bundled with the Orange Box, For those of you who haven't played it was a series of puzzles which are solved by creating portals through which your player and other objects can be sent through to enable you to find your way to the exit.

This was a massive hit even though it was only a small game as part of a larger package.

Now it is back but this time as a fully fledged stand-alone title.
There are 2 modes of play, you can play alone and like the 1st title you have been subjected to a life sentence of 'Testing' in an automated laboratory controlled by an evil AI known as GLaDOS. In these tests you face laser beams, androids and a host of other problems designed to make you fail. Your only tool to help you is a Portal gun.

The second mode is co-operative. This is where you can enlist a friend to help you solve a different set of puzzles either next to you with a splitscreen or online. In this mode you are represented by a robot and you still have a portal gun to help you but the challenge here is working together to reach the goal.

The puzzles become more inventive as you progress through the game and the star of the show is undoubtedly GLaDOS, her witty humour is aimed at making you feel more and more worthless as you complete the levels.

Some of my favourite quotes from her are:

Here come the test results: you are a horrible person. That's what it says. We weren't even testing for that.
Now you're thinking with stupidity.
Science has now validated your birth mother's decision to abandon you on a doorstep.

Definitely one of my favourite games this year and well worth the money!
Oh wow!

I might have to get this.
I had Orange Box for the Xbox and I probably spent more time on Portal than the actual games.
I started playing Portal 2 on Friday and finished it today. It's quite rare for me to finish a game at all so the fact that I completed it in 4 days tells you all you need to know. It's completely unique, funny, fun etc. etc. etc. PLAY IT!!!
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