Le Mans Porsche Team returns!


Too old to watch the Asian races live.
According to Autosport, Porsche, as expected, will be fielding a factory team in LeMans racing this coming season. I am, of course, thrilled ,as I have been a fan of Porsches since the 60s, the era of the 908s and 917s (which first appeared in 1969 but became dominant in the 70s) and such great drivers as Jo Siffert, Pedro Rodriguez, Vic Elford and Brian Redman.

It will be fascinating to see how they fare relative to corporate sibling Audi's effort, made even more so by the absence of Joest from the Porsche team, where he oversaw so many of their dominant efforts.

I can hardly wait!
The problem I have with Le Mans is the complete lack of TV coverage, I'd like to watch it but for some ****ing reason I'm not allowed too.>:(Why is it that a sports channel cannot dedicate one weekend for free so that I can tune in whenever I want, to catch up on the race I pay my subscription to sky so they should ****ing do it, the bastards..

I know this belongs on the rand thread but **** it....>:(
Porsche had said they would be back in 2014 glad they have decided to return a year earlier. Peugeot were missed last year good to have another great manufacturer back in the game.


This is exciting news to say the least. I'm also hoping that Toyota is able to field a more reliable car this year to give Audi more of a challenge, although the results at Le Mans were not entirely their fault. I'm still an Audi fan but it's no fun to have the race be decided so quickly.
Based on the World Championship races in the second half of this season, Toyota don't have too much to worry about with Audi. As you say, reliability and racecraft is all they need.
Galahad, you are correct there. I felt going in to Le Mans last year that Toyota was a very capable competitor for Audi. Last year proved again that the best team from the drivers and engineers on down to the lowest members make the difference. Peugeot proved that Audi doesn't always have the fastest car and Toyota showed that as well. I'm excited for next year to see how much Porsche is allowed to push Audi.
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