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It is very ugly, isn't it?
I can't see this growing on me any time soon...

I don't mind the rear wing but the front one is just :sick:

I can see the BMWs pitting quite often for new front wings next year looking at how much it sticks out at the sides.
Strangely I actually don't mind the front wing it's further toward the back of the car I can't stand. The side pods without the little aero flaps look strangely distorted. It looks like a wide mouth frog. The rear wing looks bizarre being that tall and skinny. Overall the whole thing just dosn't seem to sit well together infact the car actually looks like the photo is distorted in someway.

Obviously this is a test hack which looks to be about 60 percent of next years car (or atleast I hope it is) and I guess the looks will grow on us. After all, they couldn't look any worse could they ??

I agree, the cars look distorted and mishapen. In fact, as I've posted several times already, I think they look bl**dy awful! :censored: :disappointed:
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