Please help me with my F1 thesis!


Please help me with my F1 Masters thesis!

Hi everyone, I’m doing my masters project on the controversies surrounding F1 racing in the Middle East. I need to gain fan perspectives on F1’s attitude to addressing human rights issues, the sports/politics debate, and opinions on ‘sportswashing’ practice in our sport.

This looks like a great community to share this to and if any of you can spare 10 minutes to help me out I’d be very thankful :)


Human rights has never been a priority for motor racing as a whole let alone F1, it's nationalistic and always has been, how do you think the French originally came to run it? Now it's Middle East money behind it despite it's supposed to be American owned. F1 follows the money and the lower formula's and various series follow F1, so no reputation problem, it's a circus and look how long it took to make animal circuses non PC, yet they still exist though to a lesser extent.

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