Overtake of the Race - Silverstone

What was the best Overtake in the British Grand Prix?

  • Vettel's up and under on Hulkenberg - Lap 38 for P9

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  • Sutil squeezes by Schumacher - Lap 32 for P7

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  • Alonso outbrakes Buemi - Lap 34 for P15

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So, looking ahead to an 'Overtake of the Year' video, I've decided that I should keep track of what people felt was the best overtaking move in each race from here on out.

I think you would have to say that the new section at Silverstone was a great success, as there were quite a few moves that either occurred or started there.

I've put a video together of all the overtaking maneuvers that were seen on the regular and onboard broadcasts to help refresh your memory and help you decide on the best overtake. Hope you enjoy it!

AlexM said:
I notice you've left out 'Vettel slams into the side of Alonso'. :D

Did you mean Sutil? And if you did, I've left that one off the list for sheer lack of elegance. Adrian had done brilliantly fending off Vettel for quite a few laps, and Seb finally decided the only way by was to simply make space by barging in.

I've gone for Rosberg on Alguersuari. A few people tried to go around the outside there, but Nico was the only one to pull it off. I've discounted the fact that he was on newer tires because it's now been proven that the Hard Bridgestone's can hold on for much longer than the 18 laps that Jaime had done on them.

It was also great to see Nico get a bit aggressive like his Old Man used to do.
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