Poll Out of Ten: 2015 Chinese Grand Prix

How did you rate the Chinese grand prix out of 10?

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Back to normality as Mercedes bring home a 1-2, but not without some pressure from Vettel that forced an interesting exchange of words between Rosberg, Mercedes and Hamilton as Nico demanded Lewis to go faster with Vettel getting bigger and bigger in his mirrors. The late safety car unfortunately removed the possibility of a late fight between Vettel and Raikkonen. Lots of good battles in the midfield behind the top 6 or 7, though, with a lot of it involving either Verstappen or Ricciardo. Maldonado will be pleased with his well above average 3 accidents.

How did you rate this one, then? I'm going with a 7, would have been an 8 if we had a battle between Vettel and Raikkonen at the end (and the live onboard shot of Maldonado and Button's coming together was great).

There's only a week to get your votes in for this one as Bahrain is next weekend.
I'm trying to be as positive as possible so 1 for the race, 1 for Verstappen showing all the old blokes how to overtake and 1 for the fun watching the marshalls try and clear the Toro Rosso. Dreadful, dreadful race with virtually no redeeming points. I've said this before, if I want to watch tyres being changed I'll spend the afternoon at Kwik Fit.
I've gone for a 4. I liked the midfield overtaking stuff. Max and Daniel showed some good aggresion and put some moves on. The fact that for most of us the race highlight was moving Max's stranded car says all we need to know. Dull.
I must have been watching a different race - maybe the broadcast makes a difference? Some excitement off the start and into turns 1 and 2, several good scraps among the midfield, the McLarens actually looking racy against the Force Indias, Max showing the old farts how it's done, Maldonado resetting the time since last crash clock with a little help from Button, and the comedy gold that ensued when the marshalls tried to squeeze the car back into pitlane. Fun, albeit with a predictable result, I gave it a 6.
I shall contain my disappointment and give it a 2. One for the race winner and another for the... :thinking: ...hell of it? :dunno:
4 - Noah's Ark predictability from early on, apart from various pratfalls. I'd like the driver's input to be more than avoiding the wall.
Can I set up a Standing Order for 1's all the way to Abu Dhabi, if this is the sort of crap 'sport' we're in for this year?

Broadcasters gave up showing the front of the race by Lap 3 (obviuosly in on the scam), concentrating on the 'Battle for 13th place' or similar until Lap 23 when we were reminded of a 'Battle for 1st place' - albeit a battle covered by about 9 seconds, which is the equivalent of 2 circuits of the Grand National in F1 terms.

Normal service resumed until the end, I guess, but I was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for most of that.

Oh, and Dash Racing 'comedy gold' ala Mr Bean is available on other appropriate channels, if that's you thing. ROFL
Better than Australia - not as good as Malaysia.

The back field scraps were awesome to watch - just a shame we never get them at the front.

Just watched on the BBC, I'm glad I didn't get up early. (I have a huge cold). I gave it 4. But I am feeling grumpy.
1, which is 8 less than the number of turns it took the Chinese Marshals to turn a F1 car in to a gate for all the world to see how incompetent they are and understand the turning circle of a F1 Car.

PS. What do you reckon $20,000 worth of damage they did to the car to.

Joke, like the race, like F1 at the moment.
Sleepy 6. Could have done without the 2AM start today. I am rarely so happy to see a checkered flag :)sleeping:) and I'm just catching up on the press conference exchange. Rosberg is aware that they still televise these things at some point right?

Really loving all the whinging though :) From Nico and elsewhere. Its a pleasure to watch an absolute master on top of his game no matter what anyone says.

Bahrain in a week's time, yes please! :1st:
3. For all the build up that Ferrari might give the Mercedes a race proved wishful thinking. Hamilton had that race in his pocket the moment he led into the 1st corner.
Decent battles in places but naff all happened in the points places. We never even saw the Mercs for 30 minutes at one stage.

I was going to give it a four, but Pastors spin, the Lewis win and the marshals repeatedly ramming the wall with max's car raised it to a heady 5.
I gave it a 3 with the confession that this is the first time ever I have switched an F1 race off before the end in fact I switched it off 20 laps before the end and went back to bed for an hour, and I am not lying or trying to be funny at this rate I will stop watching formula one all together.

I even watched the 2005 Indianapolis race till the bitter end FFS...
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