Caption Competition Our Nige 09.05.12


Hans Heyer
So what's Britain's favourite son been doing lately?

It's too cold, too muddy, the animals dont smell nice, I don't like the colour of the sky, the animals aren't doing it right, my feet are too slow, they have too many teeth, my traction control has broke, somebody took my clothes, my clutch is burnt, and the animals are too shiny
So, you think this is funny, just wait until you see me with the 'fluffies'!

Thats dolphin for watch what your doing with your hand buddy...
Now that he knew who he was up against, Flipper was confident that he could win “Marine World’s Got Talent”.
Is that Peter Warr dressed in a dolphin costume and is he saying of Mansell "He'll never win a Grand Prix as long as I have a hole in the top of my head"
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