Formula 2 Opinions on the new F2 season required :)

It does but I don't think Tridents line up will make a dent in it.

Ok time to put our money where our mouths are. I'm going Schwartzman for the title. Leclerc won GP3/F2 in success years, Russell won GP3/F2 in success years, now I think it's the Russians turn (although I know it's now F3).
Both Uni-V drivers will have a good chance I think and push each other so Ilott maybe could finish top 3 but that's the exciting thing this season! in all honesty, I could have 5 or 6 who have a good shot at it!
for me I going for a 1 of F3 top 3, but Marcus Armstrong. I think he's going to a better team in ART great heritage won the last 2 titles & since 2009 only twice has a ART driver not been in top 3 in the championship. no doubt Prema were fantastic in 2016 & 2017 winning 19 races but in the last 2 years won 4 races they've dropped off. but as I wildcard Luca Ghiottio he very possible to do a Latifi or a palmer new team unknown quantity but a has unfulfilled potential

just looking at the F2 F3 lineup so many famous parents/uncles F2 Pedro Piquet, Marino Sato, Gueliano Alesi F3 - Enzo fittipaldi, Jack Doohan, Matteo Nannini, David Schumacher & Alex Peroni
I was thinking Luca Ghiottio when I answered the above if we follow a bit of a trend of expected winners he would be doing a bit of a De Vries and be the next on the throne. But I think he doesn't quite have the consistency needed through a season.
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