One Way Mission To Mars


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I would have rather been transported to Australia in the 1800s :no:

According to Google Search I was LOL

Back on topic, can't see anyone actually wanting to take a one way mission but then stranger things have happened. Many of the early space missions were potentially one way...


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Back on topic, can't see anyone actually wanting to take a one way mission but then stranger things have happened. Many of the early space missions were potentially one way...

Back off topic........ Nixon's speech should the lunar landing have gone tits up


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Not sure of his name but there was a third man who went up but didnt get to go on the moon, got to feel for him:( but I wouldn't do it, send me to the moon and get me back! or have a solar powered shuttle...


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That was Micheal Collins.
He remained in orbit in the main module.

Regarding the thread subject, it would be a desperately lonely and fairly pointless trip, so no.


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It would be great to set foot on another planet. But than again there is not really something to see on Mars but dust and maybe fossils from a long long time ago. And dying from radiation poisoning isn't that attractive.

Setting foot on anther earth like planet would be awesome though.


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Call me a misanthrope, but there are some days when I'd seriously consider it...

I mean, having your name up there with those of the great explorers, Zheng He, Vasco da Gama, Neil Armstrong...why not? And with a whole planet all to myself to explore I don't think I'd get bored for a while.

As for illness, well, isn't that part of the fun of any foreign travel?


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I know that feeling Galahad - and there must be so much of Mars we haven't a clue about.

Keke I'm not sure about the broadcast but I know Bernie is already in talks for a Martian Grand Prix.

I read somewhere that the most likely first transmission that will be picked up by another planet from earth was a TV broadcast of a speech by Hitler. Not sure how true that is though.


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I have actually thought about this before and had several drunken pub chats about it.

Bottom line..I would go.
Just think you would be doing something really worth while with your life and go down in history as well.
Just image being the first man on mars. So cool.
No wife no kids so I wouldn't be letting anyone down.

You wouldn't run out of water when on the surface. Logically they would land you in the polar regions where there is water ice.
So you would either starve, suffocate or freeze to death.

But Im sure they would give you a cyanide pill or something.

If they did go ahead with this and frankly it is really unlikely, then I think they would have no shortage of kamakazi astronauts.


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Obviously I understand that we all have families and commitments etc but lets say you didn't. Would you do it?


I can think of one or two who'd jump at the chance precisely because they have families and commitments... :D


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But what is the point of flying to Mars just to die? By the time you get there you will probably hate your fellow travellers, so you won't even die amongst friends. Are they going to plant things and make it a bit more like Earth before they all die, or are they just dying for the glory of having flown to Mars.
It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
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